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Top 5 Best Alternatives to Adsense in 2017

The Google Advertising platform, Google Adsense is one of the most popular models to make money online or earn money online for a majority of online publishers, website owners and bloggers. 

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The main reason for the immense success of the Google Ad Network is because ads by Google Adsense feature advertisements spread across almost every category that you can possibly think of,  from all the popular companies from across the world. Also as the number of advertisers using Google Ad Network is really high, the pay by each advertiser who uses the Google Ad Network is also really high as the top-end global companies want their ads to be displayed more through the Google Ad Network. So, in the end, your Adsense earnings also become really high as advertisers pay more for each click their advertisements receive on your website. Download Latest Snaptube APK.

However, one major disadvantage with the Google Ad Network is that getting Adsense approval is one tough task. Google Adsense approval is one of the toughest tasks out there and once any blogger gain Google Adsense approval for his/her website or blog, it is like a dream come true. In recent times, gaining Google Adsense approval has become even more difficult as nowadays the Google Ad Network team manually verifies each and every Google Adsense approval request that they receive.

So gaining Google Adsense approval purely depends on the quality of your website/blog. We have published an article earlier on how to gain Google Adsense approval in short time, so in case you are facing difficulty in getting Google Adsense approval, we suggest you check out that article so as to get a few more tips on how to gain Google Adsense approval in short time.

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Even though a strict Google Adsense approval procedure means only the truly eligible ones can gain Google Adsense approval, it also has an advantage for people who already have a fully approved Google Adsense account in hand. The advantage is that as the Google Ad Network now will feature only high-quality blogs that have manually gained Google Adsense approval, the advertisers can now be assured that ads by google are only displayed on websites or blogs with really good quality. So in the end, advertisers in the Google Ad Network will pay more for their own ads by google and publishers in the Google Ad Network will earn more money for each click on the ads by google on your website or blog.

However, as every website and blog owner out there has an aim to earn money online or make money online, if they cannot make money with Google, most of the people opt to choose Google Ads Alternatives.

Even if you fail to get Google Adsense approval, you should not be disappointed. Because there are some really great Adsense alternatives out there that offer really good PPC when compared to Ads by Google. The best Google Adsense alternatives out there do offer a PPC that is comparable to the PPC offered by Google Adsense and at times the best alternative to Adsense also offers a higher PPC than Google Adsense.

In case you failed to gain Google Adsense approval and if you are in search for the best alternatives to Adsense in 2017, then today we bring you a list of the best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017:

There are many alternatives to Google Adsense that can offer a better PPC for your blog. However, this depends largely on the traffic that your website or blog gets and moreover the niche of your website or blog.

So be sure to check out the Google Adsense alternatives listed below and choose the alternative to Google Adsense that help you earn money online without Google Adsense.

1. is one of the best Adsense Alternatives out there and is a contextual ad network like Google Adsense. This platform is powered by both Bing and Yahoo. advertisements are known to be next to ads by Google when it comes to PPC.

2. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is another PPC alternative to Adsense. Despite being one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense, the working of Bidvertiser is a bit different from Google Adsense and

Instead of showing contextual advertisements, Bidvertiser works like a platform where people bid to post their advertisements on your website or blog. So if your blog receives high traffic and ranks well, you will be able to get really high bids. Even if your blog is top notch you may not get really high bids when you begin using Bidvertiser, but as more high paying advertisers discover your blog, your bids will also increase.

3. Infolinks:

Infolinks is also a different PPC alternative to Adsense. In fact, Infolinks is different from all the other Adsense alternatives that we have mentioned above. Instead of showing texts on a separate ad space, Infolinks shows advertisements within the text body of your website content. Which means, to show Infolinks advertisements on your website or blog, you do not require an extra space dedicated for the advertisement.

Infolinks ads can be either shown within the text content of your website or blog and advertisements from Infolinks ads can also be shown as pop-up advertisements.

4. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

The Amazon Native Shopping Ads is the advertising program from Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce platform. If you receive a good amount of traffic from the United States on your blog, then the Amazon Native Shopping Ads can be a really reliable source of income for you. Amazon Native Shopping Ads features three types of advertisements: custom ads, recommendation ads and search ads.

All the product advertisements done by Amazon Native Shopping ads on your blog or website are completely relevant to its niche and all the ad units that will be placed are responsive as well.

5. Adversal:

The main advantage of Adversal that makes it one of the best Adsense alternatives out there is that Adversal ads CTR are really high. However, your website or blog needs to have a monthly page view of at least 50,000 in order to apply for Adversal advertisements.

Once approved the minimum payout for Adversal ads is $20 and the payout can be received by wire or via PayPal and even as a cheque.  If you are interested to earn money online by promoting the Adversal advertising platform, then there is an Adversal affiliate program as well.

Final Words:

Have you ever used any of the ads by Google alternatives mentioned above? If yes, then please leave a comment featuring your review about the platform.

If you are just considering the best Adsense alternatives out there after failing to get an Adsense approval, then I hope this content helped you in some way!

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