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How Much Google Adsense Pay to its Ad Publishers?

Earlier we had posted content on the top Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017 and also on How to Overcome Insufficient Content Issue on Google Adsense.

After reading the above two articles, many readers who are mostly new Adsense account holders have asked us on how much Google Adsense pay to its ad publishers.

New Google Adsense account holders are interested in knowing details on queries like how much Google Adsense pay for 1000 impressions, How much Google Adsense pay per click in India, what is Google Adsense earnings that one can expect from Google Ads on their website and so on.

To answer all those questions, we have come up with this article today. So to get answers on how much Google Adsense pay to its publishers and how much Google Adsense pay for 1000 impressions, continue reading the article below.

How Much Google Adsense Pay to its Ad Publishers?

To calculate how much Google Adsense pay its publishers, you must be knowing some technical terms and their meaning. All of the terms that you should know, along with their representations and meanings are detailed below.

1. Page views:

Pageviews or Page views is the representation of how many pages (including the homepage) of your website/blog is visited by a visitor once they enter your website. 

This is not the count of the unique visitors to your blog, but instead, the count of the exact number of page visits that your blog/website and its published articles get in combined.

2. Clicks:

A "Click" is a term that is linked to the advertisement units placed on your website. No matter your website holds link advertisements of banner advertisements, the number of clicks represent the total number of clicks that the advertisement unit has received from the visitors of your website.

3. Click Through Rate or CTR:

The Click Through Rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by the number of page views received and is represented in percentage.

Or you can represent Click Through Rate as:

Click Through Rate = (Number of Clicks Received on Advertisements) / (Number of PageViews).

To explain you Click Through Rate with an example, consider that your website got 100 page views in a day and 7 clicks on the advertisements that are placed on your website. Then the Click Through Rate of your website for that particular day is 7% or 7 percent.

4. Cost Per Click or CPC:

The term Cost Per Click or CPC is the amount that the advertisers pay for each click on their advertisements from your website.

The amount varies depending on the advertiser and also the quality of the website.

Advertisers usually pay more money to publisher their advertisements of websites that have content that is closely related to the product or service that they wish to advertise.

5. Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions or Page RPM:

If you are asking yourself the question how much Google Adsense pay for 1000 impressions, then this is your answer.

The Page Revenue Per Thousand Impressions or Page RPM can be calculated when you divide the earnings you have received so far from Google Adsense by the total pageviews received by your website. The answer of this division needs to be multiplied with 1000 in order to get the correct answer for how much Google Adsense pay for 1000 impressions.

In other words,

How Much Google Adsense Pay for 1000 Impressions = ((Estimated Google Adsense Earning So Far) / (Total Number of Pageviews So Far) * 1000).

To explain Page Revenue per Thousand Impressions or Page RPM to you in a better way, consider that you made $1 out of 100 PageViews that your blog has received so far. So, the Page RPM of your website/blog will be ((1/100)*1000) or $10.

How is Google Adsense Pay for Publishers Calculated?

How much Google Adsense pays its ad publishers depends on a variety of factors and the pay is not the same for every website.

Below are some of the key factors that influence how much you can earn using Adsense on your website or blog:

  • The niche and type of content published on your website matter a lot when it comes to Adsense pay. Advertisers will pay higher if your website or blog content is closely related to the service or product they offer and the pay also depends on how much competition there is for the niche.
    Niche and keywords with high competition mean that advertisers will pay higher prices to display their ads on your website.
  • Your website traffic also matters when it comes to Adsense pay. If your website or blog receives a majority of traffic from countries like the US, then your Adsense pay per click will be higher.
    There is comparatively less competition by advertisers in other countries like India. Therefore, if your website's primary source of traffic is such countries, the pay from Adsense per click on advertisements will also be less.
  • Ad placement also plays a major role in deciding how much Google Adsense pay per click.
    For example, a banner ad in the sidebar of your blog or website may seem like the ideal ad placement to get maximum views, but it may not work for every type of websites. Some websites or blogs may be able to earn more from Google Adsense if link ads and other form factors of advertisements are displayed.
Any website or blog can be optimized for any and all of the above key factors that influence how much Google Adsense pay.

If your aim of starting a website or blog is to just make money using Adsense, first of all, pick a niche wherein Google Ads pay is high. Next, do a proper keyword research to find keywords that not only has a higher PPC but also attracts traffic from competitive countries like the US. Last but not the least, try changing and experimenting with Google Adsense types and Google Ads placement to find what suits your website or blog best for revenue.

Final Words:

Hope the above article was able to convey your queries on how much Google Adsense pay in a very easy to understand manner.

If you have any more queries related to the above article, leave a comment below raising your query and we will surely help you out. Also, subscribe to this Google Adsense blog to get more detailed articles related to Google Adsense.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

AdSense Insufficient Content Help - How To Overcome Insufficient Content Issue for Google Adsense

There are thousands of ways through which you can earn money if you know online marketing tricks completely. You have to work smarter in order to earn good amount and to attract visitors to your blog or website.

 To compete with bloggers, online marketers through internet marketing is not at all easy and you have the to do lots of hard work if you want to rank your website. Talking about the profit through blog or website, people use Google AdSense for this.

You must be aware of Google AdSense but let me introduce what Google AdSense is to those who are beginners.If you are a new blogger or just launched a new website then this information is not for you, if you are facing AdSense Insufficient Content Issue, then you are at the right place.

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About Google AdSense?

Link building, keyword ranking, Online / Offline SEO, advertising, promoting are some of the ways through which bloggers earn. One of the ways which people also use is via Google AdSense. There are many website publishers who want to see their website on the first few results of Google and for this, they apply for PPC (Pay-per-click) which means, whenever a new visitor will visit his/her site and click on some ads they will get paid. So, basically, Google AdSense is a platform for advertising placement provided by Google.

But there are times when Google rejects your application for AdSense because of insufficient Content on your site. Now, what is that? We will be covering some major points for your help like AdSense Insufficient Content Help. In this, you will be guided with the points which will help you to resolve your problem and you will easily get AdSense Reject Help.

AdSense Insufficient Content?

As the name says, if you want Ads by Google on your website, it should and must have enough amount of content and make it sure the content you are posting on your site is unique because Google checks each and every thing and then decides whether you are eligible for AdSense or not.
There are many AdSense Alternatives and Adsense Insufficient Content Help ways to resolve your problem. Below mentioned are the guidelines through which you can get AdSense Reject Help.

How to Resolve AdSense Insufficient Content Issue?

1.    If your website is full of images, audios, videos and does not have any content then there is no chance of getting AdSense. Google will directly reject it. Try to keep images, audios and videos less and unique content more. It should be a proper page. Keep a short video clip if necessary. This is one of the best ways if you want to get AdSense by Google. There should be complete content, don’t keep only headings or proper paragraphs. It should be meaningful.

2.    Before applying for Google AdSense, make sure your website is complete. Don’t apply for AdSense if you are a beginner and had just launched a website having only a few things on it. Work more on it, let the visitors come and then go for AdSense.

3.    Make your website user-friendly. Even if a non - IT person is visiting your website, he or she should be comfortable using it. They should find content which they want on your site easily. Don’t keep on writing irrelevant things on your site. For example, if you have a website related to technology, write all the things related to technology only. If you will write the movie review, no user will visit your site and it will become meaningless.

4.    Keep checking your website’s traffic every month. If you find it less try to write high-quality articles. It may help getting traffic and you will get AdSense by Google easily.

5.    Once your approval for AdSense is rejected, don’t apply for it again instantly. Wait for some months, customize your website more, increase your traffic, write more content and then try again.

Mentioned above are the Top 5 AdSense Insufficient Content Help which you can follow if you want to get Google Adsense. Now, I am going to mention the benefits of Google AdSense, you will get a clearer idea why successful blogger prefer to use Google AdSense.
•    You don’t need anything to sell to Google. Just keep your website updated with unique content and you will earn easily.
•    Once you get your website linked with Google AdSense, the traffic on your website will increase automatically. A web search facility is provided when you get AdSense on your site, it is a way of getting traffic.
•    If you are thinking that only one website of yours can be linked with AdSense, then you are the wrong buddy! You can access more than one website having the same AdSense account. So, this is one of the major benefits of using AdSense by Google.

These are some of the benefits you can get if you are using PPC or ads by Google.  After covering all these important points, let us see how Google AdSense actually perform the verification process. Below are the steps:
1.    Once your Google AdSense account is approved, you need to login to your AdSense account. Use your login details which you have entered at the time of filling up the application form.
2.    You need to click on “Account Settings” which is available on the home tab.
3.    Click “Verify Address” which is available in the form of the link. You can see it in the “Account Information” Tab.
4.    You will get a secret PIN. Enter the PIN and never share it with anyone.

Visit this blog--->  Google Adsense Help, whenever you need any additional information or help regarding Ads by Google [Google Adsense]

Final Words

I hope the article on How to Resolve AdSense Insufficient Content Issue, is helpful to you. For any queries or doubts, you can search various methods online but I have covered all the important steps. The process of getting Google Adsense is very much easy. Just remember you have to make your website attractive and interactive. Try to avoid irrelevant articles and write high-quality articles having enough text.

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Top 5 Best Alternatives to Adsense in 2017

The Google Advertising platform, Google Adsense is one of the most popular models to make money online or earn money online for a majority of online publishers, website owners and bloggers. 

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The main reason for the immense success of the Google Ad Network is because ads by Google Adsense feature advertisements spread across almost every category that you can possibly think of,  from all the popular companies from across the world. Also as the number of advertisers using Google Ad Network is really high, the pay by each advertiser who uses the Google Ad Network is also really high as the top-end global companies want their ads to be displayed more through the Google Ad Network. So, in the end, your Adsense earnings also become really high as advertisers pay more for each click their advertisements receive on your website. Download Latest Snaptube APK.

However, one major disadvantage with the Google Ad Network is that getting Adsense approval is one tough task. Google Adsense approval is one of the toughest tasks out there and once any blogger gain Google Adsense approval for his/her website or blog, it is like a dream come true. In recent times, gaining Google Adsense approval has become even more difficult as nowadays the Google Ad Network team manually verifies each and every Google Adsense approval request that they receive.

So gaining Google Adsense approval purely depends on the quality of your website/blog. We have published an article earlier on how to gain Google Adsense approval in short time, so in case you are facing difficulty in getting Google Adsense approval, we suggest you check out that article so as to get a few more tips on how to gain Google Adsense approval in short time.

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Even though a strict Google Adsense approval procedure means only the truly eligible ones can gain Google Adsense approval, it also has an advantage for people who already have a fully approved Google Adsense account in hand. The advantage is that as the Google Ad Network now will feature only high-quality blogs that have manually gained Google Adsense approval, the advertisers can now be assured that ads by google are only displayed on websites or blogs with really good quality. So in the end, advertisers in the Google Ad Network will pay more for their own ads by google and publishers in the Google Ad Network will earn more money for each click on the ads by google on your website or blog.

However, as every website and blog owner out there has an aim to earn money online or make money online, if they cannot make money with Google, most of the people opt to choose Google Ads Alternatives.

Even if you fail to get Google Adsense approval, you should not be disappointed. Because there are some really great Adsense alternatives out there that offer really good PPC when compared to Ads by Google. The best Google Adsense alternatives out there do offer a PPC that is comparable to the PPC offered by Google Adsense and at times the best alternative to Adsense also offers a higher PPC than Google Adsense.

In case you failed to gain Google Adsense approval and if you are in search for the best alternatives to Adsense in 2017, then today we bring you a list of the best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2017:

There are many alternatives to Google Adsense that can offer a better PPC for your blog. However, this depends largely on the traffic that your website or blog gets and moreover the niche of your website or blog.

So be sure to check out the Google Adsense alternatives listed below and choose the alternative to Google Adsense that help you earn money online without Google Adsense.

1. is one of the best Adsense Alternatives out there and is a contextual ad network like Google Adsense. This platform is powered by both Bing and Yahoo. advertisements are known to be next to ads by Google when it comes to PPC.

2. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is another PPC alternative to Adsense. Despite being one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense, the working of Bidvertiser is a bit different from Google Adsense and

Instead of showing contextual advertisements, Bidvertiser works like a platform where people bid to post their advertisements on your website or blog. So if your blog receives high traffic and ranks well, you will be able to get really high bids. Even if your blog is top notch you may not get really high bids when you begin using Bidvertiser, but as more high paying advertisers discover your blog, your bids will also increase.

3. Infolinks:

Infolinks is also a different PPC alternative to Adsense. In fact, Infolinks is different from all the other Adsense alternatives that we have mentioned above. Instead of showing texts on a separate ad space, Infolinks shows advertisements within the text body of your website content. Which means, to show Infolinks advertisements on your website or blog, you do not require an extra space dedicated for the advertisement.

Infolinks ads can be either shown within the text content of your website or blog and advertisements from Infolinks ads can also be shown as pop-up advertisements.

4. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

The Amazon Native Shopping Ads is the advertising program from Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce platform. If you receive a good amount of traffic from the United States on your blog, then the Amazon Native Shopping Ads can be a really reliable source of income for you. Amazon Native Shopping Ads features three types of advertisements: custom ads, recommendation ads and search ads.

All the product advertisements done by Amazon Native Shopping ads on your blog or website are completely relevant to its niche and all the ad units that will be placed are responsive as well.

5. Adversal:

The main advantage of Adversal that makes it one of the best Adsense alternatives out there is that Adversal ads CTR are really high. However, your website or blog needs to have a monthly page view of at least 50,000 in order to apply for Adversal advertisements.

Once approved the minimum payout for Adversal ads is $20 and the payout can be received by wire or via PayPal and even as a cheque.  If you are interested to earn money online by promoting the Adversal advertising platform, then there is an Adversal affiliate program as well.

Final Words:

Have you ever used any of the ads by Google alternatives mentioned above? If yes, then please leave a comment featuring your review about the platform.

If you are just considering the best Adsense alternatives out there after failing to get an Adsense approval, then I hope this content helped you in some way!